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Portrait Procedure 1. Initial discussion Size, composition, clothing, and mood of the portrait is discussed. Portrait settings can be interior or exterior, and are often in the Clients' surroundings. 2. Contract Signing The Client will sign the portrait contract and pay a 50% deposit on the fee. This can occur at the initial discussion or via mail if the Client is not local. In that case, the Artist will sign and date two copies of the Contract and mail both to the Client. The Client will sign and date both copies and mail one to the Artist along with a check for the 50% deposit. 3. A photo shoot The Artist will come to the Client’s location to shoot reference photos for about two hours (or three hours if a color study is done—see #3, below). Some Clients choose to have a second wardrobe choice for the subject(s) to change into and have additional photos taken. If the location of the photo shoot is more than a two hour’s drive from the Artist’s studio, an additional fee of $500 per day, plus travel & lodging expenses will be charged for the photography session. Otherwise, the session is included in the price of the portrait. If additional photo sessions are required, $200 will be charged for each additional local shoot; $500 per day plus travel and lodging will be charged for each additional out-of-town shoot. For portraits of groups, it is preferred but not necessary to have everyone there for the same shoot. Additional shoots will be charged the same as described above. For posthumous portraits, a review of the reference material will be done instead of a photography session. 4. Preliminary Sketch/Study (optional) At the time of the photo shoot, the Artist may deem it necessary to do a preliminary color study of the subject(s). There is no extra charge for this even if doing the study causes the photo shoot/color study session to go more than two hours. 5. Client Selection of Reference Photograph A meeting will be held to present the photos for the Client to select from for the composition of the painting. If the Client is not local to the Artist, the photos will be sent via email. After a photo is selected by the Client, work will begin on the final painting. 6. Inspection of Painting in Progress Approximately one to two months after the Client has selected the reference photo to be used for the composition of the painting, the Artist will have the Client review the painting in progress. At that time, the Client will be contacted and an appointment set up to do the review. Once the Client has given approval of this stage of the painting, the Artist will continue the work until the painting is complete. 7. Delivery of Finished Portrait Delivery of the portrait will be in approximately one to nine months (group portraits take longer) from the photo shoot, or sooner if otherwise scheduled. COMMISSION DETAILS Style and Quality The portrait will be executed by Annette Ragone Hall in conformity with her established procedures and recognized style and standard of her work. She will use high-quality, archival materials. Pricing Pricing is based on the painting medium (pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, oil), size of the artwork, number of subjects, and complexity of the background and attire. A quote will be given at the initial discussion. See Annette’s Portrait Pricing sheet for general pricing. Deposit A 50% deposit is required at the time the portrait is commissioned and the contract signed. The agreed upon deposit is non-refundable if the Client cancels after the first photo session. For posthumous portraits the deposit is non-refundable after contract signing. Balance Due The balance is payable upon acceptance of the completed portrait by the Client. For North Carolina residents, applicable sales tax will be added to the full amount of the agreed upon commission price. Frame The cost of a frame, including sales tax, is not included in the commission price. Annette will be glad to offer suggestions for framing. For local Clients, she recommends Fine Frame Gallery in Salisbury, NC, for framing. Travel The cost of travel and lodging will be the responsibility of the Client and will be added to the agreed upon commission price. For most portrait commissions, one or two visits to your location will be all that is necessary. For posthumous portraits, one visit is typical if the reference photos supplied at the first session are acceptable for painting a good portrait. Packaging and Shipping The cost of crating, shipping, and handling, if required, will be paid by the Client. Approval The person(s) to make the final approval will be agreed upon prior to the commencement of the work. When Annette is present at the delivery of the painting, the painting is deemed accepted at the conclusion of the session. When the portrait is received by the Client without the Artist present, the portrait will be deemed accepted unless the Client, within 7 days of receiving the portrait, returns the portrait at his/her expense and requests alterations. Alterations The Artist will carry out any reasonable requested alterations of the finished painting that are deemed consistent with her conception and established style. No additional charge is made to the Client for minor alterations except for packaging and shipping charges, if applicable. If the purchaser requests other than minor changes, or those that differ from the composition of the reference photo, there will be an additional charge based on the scope of the changes. Any additional travel and lodging expenses, and packaging and shipping made necessary to carry out alterations and re-delivery of the finished piece will be the responsibility of the Client. REPRODUCTION AND COPYRIGHT Fees are only for the original artwork and do not include copyrights or reproduction rights, which remain with the Artist. Purchase of a copyrighted artwork does not transfer the copyright. The copyright to reproduce the works in any form, to produce derivative work based on the copyrighted image, and to distribute copies is retained by Annette Ragone Hall. Any transfer of this copyright must be in writing expressly identifying what rights are being sold and for what purpose. The Artist’s painting cannot be modified without the permission of the Artist. Works cannot be distributed, mutilated, or modified in any way that would prejudice the reputation of the Artist.
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